Hong Kong Tatler – July 2023

Hong Kong Tatler – July 2023
Hong Kong Tatler – July 2023
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Welcome at Hong Kong Tatler Magazine July 2023 Issue

In one of the more hilarious but alarming comments made in the office on the day I wrote this editor’s letter, someone joked that we should just use AI to replace an upcoming cover star in a real-life musical performance. Such is the prevalence and popularity of artificial intelligence today that this idea—unthinkable even a year or two ago—had actually popped into our minds with relative ease during a brainstorming session. It is important that we remember AI isn’t a new thing; we’ve been using it in various forms and for various functions for years, be it for audio transcription, chatbot creation or even predictive script. What has made it especially intriguing over the past year in particular is how the technology has made significant advances in content creation, specifically through natural language processing platforms such as the popular ChatGPT or art-generating models like Midjourney or Dall-E.
Publishing companies are understandably wary—what is to become of journalistic integrity when one could technically generate articles using AI instead of good ol’-fashioned brain juice? Should we, and how should we, credit an AI platform for creative content generation?
What are the ethical and legal implications?
We take the first steps into tackling this quagmire of questions with this July issue, which features an AI-approved cover visual, appropriately themed Breaking Boundaries. We have also included QR codes at the end of several articles and sections, with the aim of bridging our print and online platforms, and our Instagram account especially will be where you will find never-before-seen content on how we put together the issue every month.
In The Weigh-In, our director of VIP content and communications Tara Sobti pits Web3 trailblazer Vivien Khoo against Yat Siu, the man behind Animoca Brands, in a discussion on the extent to which AI should be used for problem-solving (scan the QR code to see what ChatGPT has to say about the matter). Features editor Zabrina Lo looks at the current state of affairs in Hong Kong when it comes to creating AI art. And our art and creative team worked with fashion director Cherry Mui to produce an AI-supported fashion shoot.
We also have non-AI-related stories that explore how conventional boundaries can be pushed and broken. For our cover story, we speak to award-winning scientist Dennis Lo on how he took prenatal DNA testing to the next level, thereby ensuring increased safety and peace of mind for parents everywhere. Arts and culture editor Aaina Bhargava interviews couturier Rahul Mishra, whose work has been seen on many a red carpet this year, on what it’s been like breaking into the world of haute couture as a person of colour, and what his ethos is. Senior dining editor Gavin Yeung brings us a delicious story on three Asian female chef duos who have been innovating int he culinary arts.
This is also the month that we’ll be taking a bold new approach towards linking our print and digital platforms. In addition to our thriving social media content on events and happenings, we are also bringing you special behindthe- scenes images and original videos of the stories that we are publishing in the print magazine. So, if you’re not already following us on social media, please do scan the QR code below to go to our Instagram account, where we’ll be sharing a more holistic, 360-degree view of how we get these amazing stories for you every month.
Happy reading and viewing; and before you ask, no; this editor’s note was not written by AI.
—Jacqueline Tsang, editor-in-chief

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